Northumbrian Water is teaming up with tech giants, business experts and fellow water companies to tackle leakage and save water at Innovation Festival 2022. 

The water company is joining forces with partners from Thames Water, Microsoft, Essex & Suffolk Water and Business Modelling Associates to explore what can be done to reduce leakage and further improve water quality across its operating areas. 


At the festival, which will take place between 12-14th July, there will be sprints and hacks where innovators from all over the globe will come together to look at a variety of problems impacting operations and service to customers.   


One of the sprints will focus specifically on looking for new and emerging technologies that can repair leaks without the need to dig and minimise disruption to customers. Another of the sprints will look at finding the fastest possible ways to repair pipe bursts as they happen in real-time. 


Some of the sprints will be taking place at the festival’s flagship venue at Newcastle Racecourse, whereas others will be taking place in sister company Essex & Suffolk Water’s office in Hanningfield, Essex – and the first the sprint is taking place in a Water Treatment Works.


Angela MacOscar, Head of Innovation at Northumbrian Water, said: “Leakage is one of the biggest challenges that we have to face as a sector, and at previous festivals we have had a number successful outputs in this space that have significantly reduced leakage and have made a real-time difference to our customers. 


“That’s why we are continuing this great work in the tents at IF22. I hope we are able to find even more great solutions to help save water in our regions and strive towards our goal to half leakage by 2050.” 


The Innovation Festival is taking place on July 12-14th, and registration is now open. To register, go to -