Employees from Essex & Suffolk Water spent the day helping out with repair and maintenance jobs at the Rainbow Rural Centre in Barnston on Friday 27 October.

The centre provides learning and support for people with disabilities on a farm, and work was carried out to clear a walkway to help make part of the area accessible for wheelchair users.


Gravel and stone for resurfacing a drive, to allow a school minibus to enter the farm, was provided by Essex & Suffolk Water’s contractor, Anglian Land Drainage, also based in Barnston.


Carol Monk, Rainbow Rural Centre Manager said: “We’ve been running since 2010 and as well as giving support to the local community it is really helpful to get it back. Local businesses, such as Essex & Suffolk Water and Anglian Land Drainage, make bigger projects and maintenance possible for us.


“We′d like to thank the employees from Essex & Suffolk Water and Anglian Land Drainage for the work they’ve been able to undertake and we′ve enjoyed having them here,” said Carol.


The work was carried out as part of the water company’s employee volunteering programme, ‘Just an hour’. This initiative gives employees the opportunity to spend up to 15 hours of paid work time a year giving support to a wide range of community and environmental activities.


Luis Mosquera, Team Manager for Essex & Suffolk Water said: “It has been a fabulous effort from all of our team to improve the quality of the farm at Rainbow Rural and help youngsters get so much more out of their time spent there.


“I’d really like to thank Anglian Land Drainage for their generous donation of aggregates for resurfacing the drive and for helping to support this project in Barnston and working so closely in partnership with Essex & Suffolk Water,” he said.


“Projects such as this build team morale and strengthen our working relationship with an important contractor,” added Luis.


Sam Jaggard, Director of Anglian Land Drainage said: “It is a great privilege to be able to support learning centres like this in Barnston and to make a real difference in the local community.


“Working closely with partners, such as Essex & Suffolk Water, is important for us to create strong business relationships between employees and helping to improve services for customers,” he said.