What would a water company look like if you could design it from the ground-up, from scratch?

Blank canvas. You could call all the shots and make all the decisions. What would you focus on first?


People or pipes, what′s the priority? Water or Wastewater, what would you want?


As part of the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival 2018 creative thinkers and innovators from around the globe are going to gather to discuss what the perfect water company would look like.


Being led by Darren Bentham, from IBM, the sprint will explore exactly what such a company would look like, how new technology could help change the way it operated and what would happen if you apply innovative thinking and new ideas to it.


The team will be speaking and working with customers to find out what they think the perfect water company looks like and turning some of the ideas generated into real life changes here at Northumbrian Water.


"It′s difficult for people to ′step back′ from the day-to-day and really think about the way in which their company works, especially when so many other aspects of our daily lives are changing so rapidly" said Darren Bentham, Executive Partner, Global Business Services, IBM UK and Ireland. "In this sprint, nothing is off the table, we aren′t held back by what we have today and as a result, I′m confident we can create great ideas, that will shape Northumbrian Water in the future, but which we can start to implement right now."


Alastair Tawn, Business Transformation Lead at Northumbrian Water, said: "We obviously have a vested interest in this sprint as we are always looking for ways to improve what we, as a water company, currently do.


"Innovation is at the heart of everything we do here at NWG and we′re hoping that through this sprint we can turn everything we know about running a water company on its head, give it a real good shake, and see what comes out of the other end.


"Having the experts from IBM in the room as well as others with lots of different backgrounds will force us to think outside of the box and completely differently about what we currently know and do. I′m really excited to see what comes out of this sprint and think it′ll definitely be one to watch!"


To find out what the ‘Water company of the future′ sprint team comes up with during the festival you can follow all of the action live on social media by following @northumbrianh2o on twitter and facebook or by visiting www.innovationfestival.org.