Northumbrian Water′s Waterside Parks team is looking to get new anglers hooked by taking them on a trout of this world behind the scenes journey from the farm, to the sport, to the dinner plate.


A new trilogy of videos, entitled Farm, Fish, Table, is being launched online over the Bank Holiday, aimed at encouraging people to give fishing a try for the first time - or even return to the sport.


Episode one of the series, Down On The Farm, which will be premiered on Friday evening, goes behind the scenes at one of the company′s fish farms, where viewers will learn about the provenance of the trout that stock reservoirs across the North East.


This will be followed on Saturday evening, with episode two, The Catch, where the audience will visit Derwent Reservoir and meet some of the anglers who enjoy challenging themselves against the fish there, hoping to take home a prize trout.


And finally, on Sunday evening, the trilogy concludes with the mouth-watering third episode, The Angler′s Table. Concluding the videos, chef Jimmy Shadforth, owner of D′Acqua restaurant in Sunderland, looks at different ways to cook a trout and demonstrates a simple technique on the barbecue.


The videos will be available to view online at and on Facebook at





Northumbrian Water′s Waterside Parks Manager, Don Coe, said: "Angling is a fantastic sport for people of all ages, and it′s fascinating for people to be able to look at the whole process, from the fish farm, right the way through to dinner!


"That′s why we′ve created Farm, Fish, Table - we want people to get a feel for angling and, hopefully, get hooked. Hopefully, it might even encourage some people who′ve not been fishing for a while to pick up their rods and get back out to the waterside.



"It was brilliant to get chef Jimmy Shadforth, whose restaurant is actually situated inside an old water company building in Sunderland, along to show us just how easy it is to make a fantastic meal from a catch. If that mouth-watering conclusion to the videos doesn′t show you just what can come from a day of fishing, I don′t know what will."