Residents in Hartlepool are being invited to find out how they can work together with Northumbrian Water to help reduce flood risk, as part of its Rainwise initiative.

The water company has been upgrading the sewer network in West View Road, Arkley Crescent, Miers Avenue and Bruce Crescent since July 2017.


The £2.4 million project to tackle flooding, which has involved the installation of sewers and a new storage tank by contractors, MMB, is nearing completion.


To thank customers for their patience and to raise awareness about how residents in the area can do their bit in reducing flood risk, the water company is holding a drop-in session on its customer vehicle ‘Flo′.


Flo will be parked onsite at Miers Avenue between the junctions of Waller Court and Purves Place, on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 between 9.00am and 4.00pm.


Rainwise aims to spread the word about how managing rainfall better can help increase capacity in the sewer network, which is particularly important to help reduce the risk of flooding during heavy storms.


Employees will help people understand that small changes around their homes and gardens can complement traditional infrastructure and help communities build resilience.


Project Manager for the scheme, Ian Davison said: "We know how devastating flooding can be and we′re committed to reducing the likelihood of this happening in future.


"We′d like to say thank you to everyone for the patience they have shown while we have carried out this work. It has been essential work to help reduce the risk of flooding, but there are ways our customers can get involved to help build their own resilience too.


"Increasing the amount of green space by adding shrubs, water butts and planters to gardens and yards can all help capture rainfall naturally, and slow the flow of it getting into the drains.


"I′d like to encourage residents to come along and talk to us to find out more about Rainwise. It′s also an opportunity to let us know if you think there was anything we could have improved on while the work was carried out."


Residents can keep up to date on the progress of the works, which is due to be complete by mid-April, by following the link to the Arkley Crescent page on


For more information about Rainwise, visit