Darlington residents are being encouraged to get involved in a flood fact-finding mission.

Picture shows Northumbrian Water′s "Flo"

As part of its Rainwise initiative, Northumbrian Water is surveying the town’s streets to better understand flood risk in the area and wants residents to have their say.

More rain and more hard surfaces that don’t absorb rainwater mean that the sewer network is being put under increasing pressure.

Reducing the amount and speed of surface water (rainwater from roofs and roads) that enters the sewer network is a key way to help reduce the risk of flooding.

The water company is working with communities across the North East, often before flooding has even occurred, to explore and shape potential flood risk management projects.

The company’s community vehicle, “Flo”, will be located at Darlington marketplace, just off Market Square, on Monday, June 26, 2017 between 9.00am and 5.00pm for residents to find out more.

Project Manager, Peter Greenan, explained: “It’s about coming into Darlington, speaking to local residents face to face and making sure that our information and the models are right.

“Working on our behalf, our trusted partners, Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB) will be carrying out the investigation work to better understand the risks and cause of flooding in the area.

“However we want local people to come along and talk to us about any flooding they may have experienced or any surface water issues they may have.”

Northumbrian Water will also be talking to residents about how they can help manage rainfall better locally to reduce the risk of flooding in their community.

Peter added: “We want to make people aware that there are small things that they can do at home that can help reduce flood risk, so that they can become ‘Rainwise’ too.

“Attaching a water butt is a really easy way to catch and store rainwater, and it can be used later to water plants and shrubs, saving money too. If everyone makes at least one change, the results could really add up.”

To stay up to date with the initiative in the area, visit www.nwlcommunityportal.co.uk and follow the link to the North Darlington page.