A water worker from Essex has been granted a fellowship for his outstanding environmental work.

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Craig Holliday, from Chelmsford in Essex, received the distinguished accolade from the Chartered Institute of Water and Environment Management (CIWEM), after being recognised for having reached a level of professional excellence and achievement in the sustainable management of our environment. 


The 41-year-old, who is the Head of Water Supply at Essex & Suffolk Water, proudly accepted his fellowship when admitted as a Fellow in January this year.


CIWEM typically only award around 20 Fellows each year across the globe – showing how incredible Craig’s achievement is.


Since he joined Essex & Suffolk Water in 2002 as a process technician, he has been a rising star in the water industry , winning the CIWEM Student of the Year award in 2006 and going on to be appointed Chair of the Business & Science Standards Committee at the institute last year.


Over the last 20 years, he has also done a lot of fundraising, organising Hanningfield triathlons and various walking challenges to help raise awareness of the global water crisis and advocacy in support of WaterAid. 


Additionally, Craig has been invited to join the Institute of Water as their Eastern Region President for this year. 


He said: “My journey with CIWEM started when I was at university studying my environmental science degree. I joined as a student member to broaden my knowledge of the environment and my network of peers. 


“When I joined Essex & Suffolk Water I continued my professional development and I was able to build my knowledge base in and around what I was doing in the workplace. This has been an incredibly helpful way to build my career. 


“I do passionately believe that doing things outside of the day job, learning more skills, and doing continued professional development is a really good way of growing as a person and to be even better at what you do now. If you’ve found your niche and you love your job this really helps you to love your job even more.”


Keith Haslett, Water Director for Essex and Suffolk Water added: “We’re really proud of the work Craig does, not only within Essex & Suffolk Water but for the water industry as a whole.


“It’s vital work that goes on behind the scenes but makes such an impact on improving the environment and the successful delivery of water. This fellowship and Craig’s other achievements are really well deserved.”


CIWEM is an organisation that represents and supports a community of thousands of members and organisations in over 89 countries who are dedicated to improving water and environmental management for the benefit of the public.