As the Met Office issue weather warnings for most of the country, Essex & Suffolk Water is appealing for customers be mindful of their water usage.

The water company is appealing for people across the region to use water wisely in the coming days as some areas are set to see conditions hotter than Barbados.


Although the company have said that water supplies are in a healthy position, they are sharing some helpful advice for customers after water demand across their operating areas has recently risen by around 20% and thought to be as a result of the use of hot tubs, paddling pools and hosepipes being used more in the heat.


Customers are advised to save water by doing simple things like swapping sprinklers for watering cans, refraining from washing your car during dry weather, or having a four minute shower instead of a bath.


Keeping a water butt in your garden can collect up to 200L of water to keep your plants alive in a more environmentally-friendly way.


Colin Day, Head of Water Service Planning at Essex & Suffolk Water, said: “Fresh water is not in infinite supply, and our population is growing with increased urbanisation.   


“Although our reservoirs are in a healthy position for this time of year, and we are used to managing high periods of demand, now is the time that our customers can really help us to keep the water flowing.


“By using items such as paddling pools and hot tubs, it can pull heavily on our resources – meaning sometimes the water is being used faster than it can be treated into drinking water.       


“When our customers use water wisely, not only are they helping us to protect our resources but they are helping to protect our environment too – which is why we are asking that simple small changes are made.”


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