Essex & Suffolk Water to invest £150million pounds by 2025, to improve the regions’ water networks.

This major investment will be used to upgrade some of the company’s key infrastructure, including pipelines, treatment works and pumping stations, to help improve the company’s environmental performance and ensure that its customers continue to receive a reliable and high-quality service.


To allow Essex & Suffolk Water to carry out these essential improvements, customers are likely to see an increase in their water bill, with the year’s charges rising by about £23 a year, or 44p a week, during the 2024/2025 period.


The company is committed to providing help for any customers who need it, offering a variety of financial support options.


To help support customers, the water supplier is offering a variety of financial support options from payment breaks and discounted bills for any customers who need it.


Customer Director at Essex & Suffolk Water, Claire Sharp, said: “It’s important we keep delivering a service our customers can rely on, including producing clean, clear, and great tasting tap water, as well as protecting the environment. This is why we continue to invest in the future of the regions’ water networks.


“We do understand though, that the increase in water bill prices can be a concern for our customers. That’s why we have lots of support available for anyone who might need it.


“Last year we helped over 37,000 customers with financial support, through things like payment plans and payment breaks through to low-income discounts and free debt support, thanks to our partnership with Stepchange Debt Charity.”


“If you’re worried or concerned then please contact us either online or by phone.” From April, Essex & Suffolk Water customers will be paying on average 77p per day for their water services.


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