Essex and Suffolk Water has today submitted its plan to shape the future of water in the region for years to come.

The ground-breaking and most ambitious plans in the water company′s history will be handed over to water industry regulators OFWAT today and will include details on how the company plans to;


- Cut customers′ water bills by 10% by 2020 and up to 12% by 2024.

- Eradicate water poverty - making services more affordable than ever before.

- Spend and invest millions of pounds on improving water services across the region.

- Reduce leakage across our network by 17.5 per cent between 2020 and 2025


In 2017 OFWAT, the team that regulate and oversee all of the water companies in England and Wales, set all water companies the challenge of creating their business plans for 2020 - 2025.


Companies were told to focus their plans on four key areas; affordability, great customer service, innovation and resilience.


Essex & Suffolk Water, which is part of Northumbrian Water Group, has been working hard with customers and stakeholders to put its plan together, speaking to more than 500 stakeholders including local organisations and businesses and getting input from more than 400,000 customers, around 10%, along the way.


OFWAT received the plans today, Monday, September 3rd, and will spend the winter months assessing all of the company proposals and giving feedback to individual companies.


Essex & Suffolk Water hopes to have agreement on their plans by early next year so that they can focus on turning all of their ideas into realities for their customers.


Heidi Mottram, Chief Executive of Essex & Suffolk Water said: "Our plan has been shaped and co-created through thousands of hours of conversations, scrutiny and debate with our customers, the independent Water Forums, partners, employees, our supply chain and other stakeholders.


"Their voices, concerns and aspirations are reflected throughout our collective plan and the result is an ambitious, innovative and resilient plan that will deliver exceptional service and lower bills for all of our customers.


"We touch many parts of your lives and we are proud to be part of the regions we work in and are focused on growing our communities, delivering time, money and expertise where it matters most.

"We are excited about bringing our plan to life with our customers and partners and we are confident - given our strong track record - that we can work together to deliver all of the ambitious and ground-breaking goals within it."


Essex & Suffolk Water′s plan is structured across six key themes to deliver the outcomes that matter most to our customers.


To find out all about the different themes and for more details on ‘Our Plan′ visit and follow us on social media @ESWH2O / #OurPlanESW