With Black Friday deals appearing all over the place today, Essex & Suffolk Water are helping customers to make savings of up to £100 on their annual water bills. 

This amazing offer isn't for one day only, does not require a code, and customers don't need to be the first in the virtual queue to bag this life-changing opportunity.


Customers of the water company just simply have to follow a few easy steps to save those precious pounds.


By taking a four-minute shower, rather than a bath, customers could save around 40L of water each time, knocking around £12.87 off an average annual bill per person.


Or, by turning off the tap instead of leaving it to run whilst brushing their teeth, customers could save nine litres of water a year - saving a family of four £57.80 per year.


Over 200L of water is wasted per day by leaky loos, but if customers opt to have this repaired for free with Essex & Suffolk Water as part of the Leaky Loo initiative, they could save up to £200 on their bill.


Alternatively, customers have the option to request for a water meter to be installed, which can also save money depending on how much water is used.


Tim Wagstaff, Lead Water Efficiency Manager at Essex & Suffolk Water, said: "By making these tiny changes to their daily routine, our customers could save a lot of money on their bill.


"Not only would these things save on costs, but also save energy - which is also incredibly important for our environment."


Another way that customers could save money, is by making the switch from bottled water to tap water - and the water company work hard to ensure that customers receive clean, clear and great tasting water straight into their homes.


To demonstrate the difference in value:


If residents used shop-bought bottled water to fill an average-sized bath, it could cost roughly £52 - as opposed to just 17p in tap water.


Similarly, if bottled water was used to wash clothes, it could cost on average around £39 per cycle.


Tim added: "Realistically the general public would not use bottled water for these types of every-day uses - so why drink it instead of tap water.


"We treat our tap water so that it tastes fantastic, and there are a number of health benefits associated with drinking tap over bottled.


"Also, when our customers drink straight from the tap, they know that they are contributing to the fight against single-use plastics."


For more tips on how to save money on your water bill, visit -  www.eswater.co.uk/help/saving-water/at-home/


To calculate how much you could save before switching to a meter, visit  - www.eswater.co.uk/calculator