Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival 22 will be diving into the worlds of diversity and inclusion as innovators are set to explore how employers can put people first.

The festival, which is set to see thousands of innovators from all over the world taking part, will see creative and fantastic minds come together to sprint, hack and dash their way to finding solutions to a variety of different problems – including increasing diversity in the workplace. 

Alongside partners at Wood, Capita and Northumbria University, the water company will focus on exploring topics such as inclusion, productivity, wellbeing, safety and culture. 

During the sprints, innovators will look at the full career spectrum, starting with how to make the water sector an exciting career destination to thrive by creating a more diverse and inclusive sector.  

The sprints will also look at the end of brilliant careers too, and how to capture the deep and valuable knowledge that experienced employees have accrued and how this can be transferred to the next generation.

Angela MacOscar, Head of Innovation at Northumbrian Water, said: “The whole premise of the Innovation Festival is to bring together people from a variety of backgrounds, sectors, environments and cultures in order to get the most valuable thoughts and ideas.  

“We know the best solutions come when there is a broad range of inputs, and we are more likely to see success when we have welcomed a variety of ideas. 

“So, it makes sense that we dedicate one of our festival bubbles to finding the best solutions to help make every business a diverse and accepting environment.  

“I can’t wait to see what Wood, Capita and Northumbria University come up with during their time in the tent next month.”   

The Innovation Festival is taking place on July 12-14th, and registration is now open. To register, go to –