As the Beast from the East retreats, the milder temperatures may bring some problems of their own for pipework and plumbing.

Northumbrian Water is encouraging customers to keep an eye out for bursts pipes and leaks across the region caused by the recent change in extreme temperatures.


While some leaks are easy to see - think water gushing from pavements and manholes and shooting from the ground - others are much more difficult to spot and people might not even realise there is a leak until they are out of water or begin to lose pressure when they turn on the tap.


Our leakage teams are working around the clock fixing bursts and our networks are currently operating as expected after the unprecedented temperatures and conditions the region faced last week.


We currently have no properties without water and we are working hard to maintain water supplies for our customers.


Claire Sharp, Customer Director, said: "We′re beginning to thaw out and as the temperature rises this causes bursts and leaks to appear on both our own water network and our customers′ pipework.


"We see this behaviour every winter and are prepared for it, however the Beast from the East has pushed it to the extreme and that′s why we′ve been busier than we might have ordinarily been for the beginning of spring.


"We′re doing all we can, but our customers are our eyes and ears on the ground and we would encourage them to keep an eye on their pipes and let us know about any interruptions to their supply.


"If you do find that you′ve lost supply then there are some really simple things you can do straight away yourself that might help otherwise contact us for assistance.


"We also want people to contact us if they do spot a burst. If you see water gushing from a pavement, if the footpath or road has raised or water is gushing from somewhere it shouldn′t - then ring it in and we′ll take a look".


To let Northumbrian Water know about any leaks or bursts, customers can call the leakline on 0800 383 084 or by filling in the online form at


The water company is also encouraging customers to use water wisely by checking out the water saving tips on the website.


Things to do if your water isn′t working:


1. Check your pipes for any signs of a split or a leak.
2. If you find a leak within your property, turn off the supply using the internal stop tap.
3. Drain the cold water system by flushing the toilet and opening cold taps over sinks and baths.
4. Call a reputable plumber immediately. Northumbrian Water supports an approved list of plumbers, found on the WaterSafe website at