After Storm Darcy blanketed snow across the North East last week, and with a heavy thaw now taking place, we are asking for your support to help protect the farming community by report leaks.

Why it's so important to act now:


Cold weather and thawing can have a major impact on farms, especially if outbuildings are unprotected or unused. As the snow hits and then starts to thaw, there is a greater risk of pipes freezing or bursting, which could leave farmers with costly repair work, property damage and without running water. 


Pipework within businesses are their own responsibility and according to the Association of British Insurers, a burst pipe could cost on average a whopping £8,800 to fix. Therefore, we're appealing to owners to protect their properties and making sure there's no unnecessary set-backs or costs during this difficult time. 


How you can help:


Please help us to support the North East’s farming community by working with us to spread this free, simple advice to help protect pipes and beat the freeze during this cold snap. 


We would appreciate your help in sharing some winter advice and messages as widely as possible. You can help us by sharing the message below with your followers on social media and wider community:


Social media message: 


As the snow from #StormDarcy starts to thaw, the risk of a burst pipe increases.


@NorthumbrianH2O/Northumbrian Water want to help protect farms from the weather risks...


Follow their top tips on how to #BeatTheFreeze here: 


To accompany this we have created a small suite of graphics that we encourage you to use in your communications to spread important messages about being winter ready - you can find them here -  


They are designed for various social platforms and can be adapted for newsletters or similar.


If you have a specific size or style of graphic that you would like please get in touch with our Communications Team who will assist in any way they can.