County Durham is set to benefit from a £10.6 million investment by Northumbrian Water at three of its treatment works sites, which will improve water quality in the area.

The company is currently finalising plans for projects that will improve the performance and flexibility of its wastewater network and the treatment at its sites in Pittington, Sherburn and Kelloe.


This work will have the added benefit of helping to improve the water quality in Coalford, Sherburn and Coxhoe Becks, as well as in the watercourses downstream. This will be achieved by enhancing the already high standards to which the water is treated before being returned to the environment.


The company is investing £8m in a project that will see the treatment works at Pittington replaced with a pumping station that will transfer the wastewater, via a new pipe, to its Sherburn site, which will be upgraded to accommodate the additional volume.


At Kelloe, a second £2.6 million project will result in the existing site being extended to increase capacity, while Northumbrian Water will also carry out work to enhance the treatment of the area's wastewater.


Ground investigations and consultations with local customers have begun, although start dates for the two projects have yet to be determined. Each project is expected to take only 18 months to complete.


Northumbrian Water is delivering the investment, supported by its partners Wood and Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB).


The water company's Project Manager, Dean Thompson, said: "These projects not only futureproof the wastewater treatment in these areas, they also bring environmental benefits through the improvement of water quality at Coalford, Sherburn and Coxhoe Becks.


"We're really passionate about the environment, and these projects represent an important investment not only in terms of our core services for customers, but in terms of our desire to improve the quality of water across our region.


"We look forward to discussing the plans with customers and delivering these projects for the benefit of the area."


Updates will be available throughout the projects at