This Halloween Northumbrian Water customers are being urged to check for leaky loos haunting their homes - as these spooky spectres are often invisible but can have scary consequences!

A leaking toilet in the home can waste a frightening 215 litres of water a day, and can add £200 to an annual metered water bill - that's enough to have anyone cowering behind the sofa!


If that wasn't frightening enough, a leaky loo can also be hard to spot as the water runs from the toilet cistern into the back of the pan. The sound of a constant trickle is an obvious sign, but many leaks are silent so can be lurking in the toilet unnoticed.


Luckily help is at hand as Northumbrian Water customers can request a completely free test kit so they can test their toilets for leaks. The kits contain a special dye tablet which can be dropped into the toilet cistern, which will show if the toilet is leaking.


Customers who do find their toilet is leaking can then contact Northumbrian Water, and they will send a qualified technician to repair it for free. If they are unable to repair the toilet for any reason, the technician will offer advice on what needs to be done next.


The home test kits can be ordered by visiting or by phoning 0800 953 0130. The website also features helpful videos on how to test for a leaky loo at home.


Eliane Algaard, Water Director for Northumbrian Water said: "The amount of water and money that could be lost to a leaky loo is enough to give anyone nightmares, but thankfully help is at hand! A leaking toilet can be tricky to spot, so we're encouraging all of our customers to get one of our free leaky loo detection packs and contact us if they need a repair."


Northumbrian Water encourages all of its customers to use water wisely around the home. As well as the leaky loo packs it also offers a free water saving kits, which allow customers to choose from a number of tools and gadgets to help them save water in the bathroom, kitchen and garden. For more information visit