On Friday, August 12, ‘drought’ was officially confirmed by the Environment Agency across the East Anglia and London.

In response to this Essex & Suffolk Water is appealing for customers specifically in Essex and London Boroughs to be more mindful than ever of their water usage.


Over the last few months, the region has seen extreme temperatures, a number of heat wave warnings and little-to-no rain, and the Environment Agency has said it has been the driest conditions the area has faced since records began in 1891. 


Throughout this, the company has seen a 30% increase in demand for water, meaning that reservoir levels for the area are now lower than they would usually be for this time of year.


Although Essex & Suffolk Water is not currently announcing a temporary usage ban, often referred to as a hosepipe ban, they are closely monitoring and carefully managing the situation with water resource levels and preparing for every eventuality.


Keith Haslett, Water Director at Essex & Suffolk Water, said: “A lot of work goes into turning rainwater into something we can safely drink and use, and at the moment because it’s so hot and dry, people are using water more quickly than we can treat it.


“Our customers have been fantastic in helping us to save water so far, and we are also doing all we can to ensure that water isn’t being wasted through leakage, but now it is essential that we work together to do all we can. 


“If a temporary usage ban is required then we will work closely with our communities to support them in the best way we can.


“But, if our customers help us as much as they possibly can now by using water wisely, this will help to reduce the chance of restrictions being implemented.


“We always say the smallest changes make the biggest difference, but they really do – especially during times of extreme weather like this.” 


The water company has seen an increase in leaks as result of hot weather - as ground movement can cause pipes to burst. 


To ease the pressure on water networks, the water company have increased the amount of people on the ground finding and fixing leaks – and has also deployed new technology to help.


Essex & Suffolk Water is appealing for customers to help by being mindful of their water usage as this can play an important part in helping lower water demand and preserve water at this essential time.


They have urged customers to also help by cutting back on non-essential water usage – such as watering plants and washing cars.


For water saving tips and advice, go to www.eswater.co.uk/summer