Are you a shower fan or a bath lover?


Spa-like shower experiences are becoming more Instagrammable and this trend is rising with glamourous walk-in showers and plenty of loofah flat lays. Showers have had a boost in popularity as they provide a range of benefits for mind, body and spirit. Why not turn your morning routine from basic to indulgent spa retreat?!  


Here’s our guide to having the most decadent shower ever: 

  1. Set the scene 

Lock the door, dim the lights, or put on some music. Enjoy some songs to sing along to in the shower or play some relaxing music to get that real spa feel. Check out our Spotify playlist for our four-minute shower songs, the ideal length of time to spend in the shower:

four-minute shower helps save water, money on energy bills, and helps the environment. Stick to 4 minutes and enjoy peace of mind that you’re doing your bit whilst indulging yourself.  

  1. Décor 

Why not try hanging plants in the shower that soak up the excess water and steam for a taste of #forestbathing. Not only do they spruce up your bathroom, but they can also improve air quality too. We recommend plants that love low light and high humidity like orchids and air plants. If you’ve got room in your budget, why not treat yourself to some new accessories? And did someone say wine holders are available for showers?! 


  1. Pamper 

Treat yourself. Pop on a clay mask before you hop in the shower (the steam helps stop it drying out) and wash it off when you’re out. Or why not try a shower bomb? Like a bath bomb, the scents and foam under the steam will help revive or relax you. There’s a ton of shower goodies out there, from salt scrubs to shower jellies. We’ve come a long way from soap on a rope! 


  1. Tool up 

From Bluetooth shower speakers to pumices and body brushes, make sure you have everything on hand to make sure you never settle for a mediocre shower.  


  1. Blowing hot and cold 

If you’ve bad circulation, rather than waiting for the shower to warm up, jump straight in and give your hands and tootsies a blast with the cold water. Although a slight shock to the system, this helps to boost your circulation. This might also be a good thing to suggest to your partner if you’re fed up with cold feet under the covers! 


  1. Upgrade your shower 

We spend so much of our time in the bathroom, so it’s important to invest in a good shower. If you’re looking to buy a new shower, eco versions reduce water use by 50% compared to mixer showers but give you the same level of pressureWho said you need to compromise on your shower to save money and water? 


If you’re already happy with yours, why not try an aerated showerhead? They allow more air into the water flow, using less water, but your shower flow will still feel the same as before. Even better, grab one for free in our water-saving kits:



  1. Care for you, care for your shower 

Descaling your showerhead on a regular basis will also help maintain its flow and performance. If you can, remove your showerhead, soak it in a bucket of white vinegar for 30 minutes, give it a quick scrub and rinse once the times up, and tah-dah! Say hello to a sparkling clean showerhead! If you’ve any problems plumbing wise, we recommend WaterSafe plumbers. 


  1. Dry off in style 

Invest in a five-star spa experience with fluffy towels or a soft robe, which will make you want to hop out. It’s better for your skin to have shorter showers. A four-minute shower keeps your skin clean and hydrated but stops the heat drying it out.   


  1. Time it right 

Showers can help set you up for the day or get you ready for bedtime. Try refreshing products to help you zing into the day, or calming scents to relax. Experts say having a shower before bed can improve sleep quality. If you need to time it right, we’ve also shower timers in our water-saving kits.


Water is a precious resource. Water’s worth saving. Only 1% of Earth’s water is suitable for everyday use. By choosing a four-minute shower instead of a bath, you could save 31 litres of water, that’s the same as using the dishwasher twice! Help us to save water and help the environment and save some money along the way. #everydropcounts