We all want to do our part in helping the environment and with climate change being on the top of most people’s resolutions this year, here’s our guide to making sure this year is as environmentally friendly as possible!

1. Save water

By saving water, you’ll not only save on carbon emissions, heating and energy bills but also you’ll help the environment. Water comes from our rivers and water sources and too much water use affects our wildlife. Here’s our top list of ways to help save water.


Northumbrian Water's top water-saving tips


Essex and Suffolk Water's top water-saving tips

2. Go paperless

Sign up to an online account and download our free app (available on Android or iPhone), so it's even easier to manage your bills.


Create a Northumbrian Water online account


Create an Essex and Suffolk online account

3. Bin the Wipe

Wet wipes being flushed down the loo are the biggest causes of blockages and can cause sewage to flood your homes and garden. Many wipes are made from plastic so they don’t break down in water like toilet roll. You can make a big difference by binning the wipe or by using environmental reusable alternatives. 

4. Report leaks

We do all we can to prevent leaks but if you’re out and about and spot a leak, please report it through our Community Portal.


Northumbrian Water leak map


Essex and Suffolk Water leak map

5.  Reuse, refill, repeat

Who else got one from Santa? If you have a reusable water bottle, make sure you download the free Refill app for areas where you can top up for free! Search ‘Refill’ on the App Store or Google Play. 


Water is a precious resource. Only 1% of the earth’s water is suitable for everyday use. Water’s worth saving. Help us to save water and help the environment. #everydropcounts