This year we became a nation of green-fingered gardening lovers as more of us spent more time outdoors in our gardens. However, as we face colder weather, here are our top tips in keeping your garden tip-top in the wintertime.

1. Tidy up your borders

By removing all those weeds, annuals and tidying up perennials, not only will your garden look neater but it means the plants you want will grow back stronger next year. It’ll also mean that watering your plants is easier and the plants that need it manage to absorb more.

2. Protect your pipes

Make sure outdoor pipes are protected from freezing weather. Cheap lagging or tap jackets help to make sure your water isn’t frozen. 

3. Butt out

Now is an ideal time to store all that rainwater. Buying a water butt now means that you’ll be able to collect all the rainwater on rainy days – and sure we’ll have plenty of those

4. Water savvy

There’s plenty of great ways to save water this winter and help the environment. Use water from your hot water bottle or leftover ice cubes to give your plants a top-up!

5. Winter watering

Plants won’t need as much water during winter months which means more time to stay inside and pop on a cuppa. If you water early in the day, it helps protect plants against freezing during the night. 



Water is a precious resource. Only 1% of the earth’s water is suitable for everyday use. Water’s worth saving. Help us to save water and help the environment. #everydropcounts