Glastonbury may have been cancelled this year but here are five top tips to host your own mini-festival in the garden!
  1. Turn up the music. Create different shared playlists, adding festival favourites, to dance to in the day time and chill out tunes for the evening. Grab that reusable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and dancing into the night.
  2. Dress up with the family and dress up your garden too. From fabulous bunting to nature zones. Why not create your own watering can or birdbath? Or decorate pavements or stones with chalk, the rain will wash it away after.
  3. Food is always a vital part of any outdoor festival. Get that BBQ out or have a picnic. After seconds (or thirds) make sure your dishwasher is full to the brim too before turning on. A full dishwasher on eco-setting always helps save water and helps the environment.
  4. Get creative! There’s always a crafting tent so why not get festive and get creative. Here’s our free activity worksheet to create your own Rainbow Prism.
  5. Sleep under the stars. Put up that tent and host a sleep out. The good thing is you can head inside for a refreshing shower afterwards! 


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