Anyone tried a Navy shower

If you fancy maximising your shower time but not going that extreme, here are our top tips for making a short shower, the very best shower you can have, in three easy steps:  


  1. Get ready. Get some tunes on. Here’s our four-minute shower Spotify list to sing along to: Essex and Suffolk Water playlist and Northumbrian Water playlist.
  2. Blast it. No need to wait for the shower to warm up. Hop in and blast your feet and hands with colder water in order to boost circulation (and wake you up!).
  3. Full working order. Apply and rinse away shampoo and then apply conditioner. Then wash, shave and exfoliate, while letting the conditioner sink into your hair. Then rinse away! 


We’ve got a free shower timer in our water-saving kits. Order your Northumbrian Water water-saving kit here, and your Essex and Suffolk Water kit here.


Water is a precious resource. Water’s worth saving. Only 1% of Earth’s water is suitable for everyday use. By choosing a four-minute shower instead of a bath, you could save 31 litres of water, that’s the same as using the dishwasher twice! Help us to save water and help the environment, and save some money along the way. #everydropcounts


Four minute shower to save water.jpg