While we all love the sun, we do like a good moan about how hot it is.

Here are some quick and easy tips to keep you and your family cool this summer:


  1. You’re so cool. Keep a jug of water in the fridge for chilled refreshment to save running the cold water tap. Water’s essential for keeping you hydrated, especially on hot days, great for your health and refreshing.
  2. Accessorise. From the dog’s cooling mat, to cool neck scarfs, there’s plenty of accessories to help keep up with the heat this summer. Need to cool down quick? Hold a cold, wet towel firmly to your wrists, neck and knees. This helps cool you down without the need to take a shower. Try freezing your dog’s water bowl before putting water or fresh treats inside to keep them cooler for longer.
  3. Sunny spritz. Fill up a spray bottle with water to give yourself a cooling mist spritz. It’s much more elegant than a hosepipe dance and uses much less water. Try adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil if you’re feeling fancy!
  4. Ice ice baby. Keep your ice cube tray topped up so you’ve always got ice to add to your favourite drinks, getting that instant refreshing hit. Once you’ve finished that drink, if there are any ice cubes left, pop them onto your plant to give them a drink too! 
  5. Have you got the bottle?! Reuse, refill and repeat. If you’re enjoying a workout or going for a walk in the sunshine, carry a reusable water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated. Before you head out, fill up at home with tap water and ice cubes for a refreshing drink.
  6. Splashing out. You might have picked up a paddling pool this summer, but did you know if you don’t fill it up to the top, you could save 30 litres of water per every inch saved? That’s about 30 kettles of water! An average paddling pool uses as much water as a family of three uses in a whole week. We still want everyone to have fun, but why not use the remaining water to water your garden after? Or why not pop a fitted sheet over the top of the pool when playtime’s over for the day, to keep the bugs out, and reuse the next day.


Water is a precious resource. Only 1% of the earth’s water is suitable for everyday use. Water’s worth saving. Help us to save water and help the environment. #everydropcounts


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