Every five years, we produce a Business Plan that sets out all the things we want to deliver for our customers, communities and environment, such as reductions in flooding, or improvements in customer service.

Our 2025-30 Business Plan is our boldest plan to date, and the scale in investment brings fantastic opportunities to tackle the big challenges. As we prepare, we have teams of people working hard, drawing on a wide range of experience to think innovatively and do things differently.


We also have brilliant leaders within NWG who are shining a light on the path ahead offering guidance and support for our teams, drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience.


In a series of talks over the coming months, our leaders will be sharing their knowledge, a little bit about their experience, and will also provide a glimpse into the challenges they are overcoming.

Stay Tuned

Keep an eye out for announcements about future events in the series. We look forward to welcoming you to the Building Bright Futures talks!


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Join us as we break new ground, and build a brighter future together. The Building Brighter Futures talks are more than just an event series; it's a movement toward innovation, inclusivity, and excellence. Be a part of it and help us achieve our goals in our next Business Plan and beyond.


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