Man standing next to pipes
We provide water and sewerage services and work hard to be a leading performer in our industry so we can provide you with the best quality water (in Northumbrian Water and Essex & Suffolk Water regions) and an effective sewerage service (in Northumbrian Water region only)..

But above all that is our true purpose; our reason for doing what we do. Sustainability is at the core of our purpose. This means protecting and enhancing the environment in everything we do; being the best we can in meeting our customers’ needs and having a positive impact on the communities where we operate.


Our focus is on:

  • Delivering reliable and resilient services that are vital to public health.
  • Valuing the natural capital and ecosystems we depend on.
  • Giving unrivalled customer experiences every time.
  • Demonstrating our value and making a wider contribution to society.

Empowering our people to know their purpose.