We’re committed to being carbon neutral by 2027 and enhancing our sustainable energy mix by adding electric vehicles to our operational fleet is essential to us meeting this target. We therefore aim for all our new vehicle purchases for our thousand-strong fleet to be zero emissions from 2024. 

Introducing the second-generation Nissan ENv200 in 2019 to be used by one of our meter readers started our journey towards that goal. In 2020, a further 12 joined the fleet. They’re being used by operational teams in our meter reading, water, and wastewater teams, with more planned over the next few years. 


Through our partnership with leasing firm VLS, Nissan showcased the first-generation model at our second Innovation Festival in 2018, and the updated model’s extra mileage capability makes it a viable option for meter reading. 


Fleet Manager Kate Wilson said: “Electric vehicles and their viability are increasing evolving, to the point where it’s now becoming feasible to consider them for our fleet, helping to protect the environment in the communities we serve. 


“We have strong emissions ambitions, which include being carbon neutral by 2027 – more than 20 years ahead of the target set by Government. Through our relationship with VLS, we’ve been able to bring these Nissan vehicles into our fleet.”