Our customers are well informed about the services they receive and the value of water
Our customers tell us it is important to them that we keep them informed about the services we provide. 

Two-way communications mean we can stay responsive to what matters to you. Your feedback, insight and ideas on what world class service looks and feels like will always shape our approach to the services we deliver. 


This is how we measure our performance:  


93% of our customers have told us they were satisfied that they are supplied with all the information they want to feel informed about the services we provide.

Our target was 94% and we achieved 93%. This is consistent with our performance on how well we kept customers informed between 2018 and 2019.




The launch of our new customer and group websites in October 2019 saw a move to more agile platforms. This is a key part of our plans to give you access to your channels of choice, the ability to self-serve and to engage with us in a new way.

March 2020 saw record high numbers of transactions coming through our websites and apps, with a 16% increase year-on-year. Our new customer app, which launched on 11 February 2020, now has over 25,000 active users.

Flo, our big blue customer engagement vehicle, has been busy throughout the year, taking teams into communities to talk to customers and raise awareness of important campaigns.

Our Plan 2020-25:
We are not continuing with this Outcome over the next five year period.


Instead, measures to make sure we continue addressing this issue are included under the Outcomes ‘Our customers tell us we provide excellent customer service and resolve issues quickly’ and ‘Our customers say our services are good value for money and we work hard to keep water and wastewater services affordable for all’.

Case Study - Just Add Water . . . Just Add You
Our customers’ expectations are rising all the time, along with those of our shareholders and regulators.

We’re proud of what we do already but know we can do more to consistently create unrivalled customer service experiences. Making sure we get it right first time is more important than ever. We want our customers to think we’ve done a great job, and to know that they matter to us.

In 2019 we launched our customer campaign across our regions – ‘Just Add Water’. This focuses on the value of water, as well as reminding our customers of the great work we do in providing clean, clear and great tasting tap water, and of course that we take away all their wastewater too.

We know that we can’t give our customers an unrivalled experience without every one of our team playing a part in that, so we created ‘Just Add You’. This showcases the diverse and brilliant ways our people help our customers every day.

Every interaction a customer has with us could be their lasting memory and the only thing they recall about us if asked. Taking a moment to think about how we behave when we’re working will give a really positive impression. This is just as important if we are wearing branded clothing outside of work, or driving branded or co-branded vehicles.

Our five customer priorities (chosen by customers) are:

  • Show each customer that they’re important to us
  • ‘Own’ the customer’s problem
  • Make it easy for them
  • Be proud to promote our great work in local communities
  • Keep our promises

To complement these, and to support in delivering an unrivalled customer experience every time, we’ve taken some great learning from a model developed by KPMG Nunwood; the Six Pillars of customer experience excellence.

The Six Pillars provide a framework that supports leading companies around the world in driving positive change in their businesses. The Six Pillars are: integrity, resolution, expectations, time and effort, personalisation and empathy.

By using the Six Pillars and our five customer priorities whenever we engage with a customer means we can make sure we are delivering a world class service – one that we can be really proud of - each and every time.