SWaN conference - Day 2
Science, Water and Nature: striving for a sustainable future 

Engineering, agriculture, ecology and the water industry – collaborating to maximise the use of nature-based solutions. What have we learnt and what can we do to facilitate a sustainable future ensuring costs and benefits for industry and society are understood? 

 08.45  Introduction & housekeeping  

 Session 3: How can the 'beneficiary

 pays' principle be truly accounted

 for, and is this a fair way of

 funding sustainable progress in

 the water industry?

 Sarah Hendry


 Natural capital accounting

 Ian Dickie


 Integrated approach

 Phillip Blaen &

 Lucille Hutty

 Yorkshire Water

 Biodiversity net gain trade off

 Jo Treweek



 Including session

 speakers and

 James Good,


 10.20 Break



 a) How could a large waterbody like

 Abberton be used as a purpose-

 built laboratory for future


 What could future collaborations

 across sectors, industry and

 academia look like?

 Max Wade

 President CIEEM,


 b) How do we make the most of

 regulatory and legislative changes

 (such as WINEP reform, 

 Environment Bill, Agriculture Bill)

 to increase partnership working

 and get nature-based solutions

 to scale?

 Bart Schoonbaert


 c) How to standardise and make it

 the normal to include social and

 natural costs and benefits as part

 of the whole life costings of


 Mark Gough

 Capitals Coalition

 12.10 Feedback by facilitators
 12.40 Lunch

 Session 4: What next?

 How to build on successes?

 How can the learning from this event

 be used?

 Simon Lyster


 Case study – targeting and

 delivering nature based solutions in

 the Tweed catchment and

 developing Land Use Partnerships

 Chris Spray

 Tweed Forum


 Case study – incentives for

 catchment solutions

 Brett Day &/or

 Ben Balmford

 University of Exeter


 3 x forward look from workshop facilitators

 15.15 Closing remarks
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