Day 1
Science, Water and Nature: striving for a sustainable future 

Engineering, agriculture, ecology and the water industry – collaborating to maximise the use of nature-based solutions. What have we learnt and what can we do to facilitate a sustainable future ensuring costs and benefits for industry and society are understood? 

 10.00  Welcome and opening

 Heidi Mottram

 Northumbrian Water



 Opening message via video


 His Royal Highness,

 The Prince of Wales


 Session 1:

 Challenges for the water industry:

 How can nature and science help

 provide solutions?


 Ian Barker -

 Vice President


 Institute of Water


 Water industry – challenges

 Keith Haslett

 Northumbrian Water



 Jo Harrison

 United Utilities

 Land owner – challenges

 Jon Dearsley


 Economist – challenges

 Lucy Watkinson

 HM Treasury

 11.45 Break

 Session 2: How can legislation,

 policy and guidance facilitate

 implementing nature-based


 What innovations can ecologists,

 planners and land managers work

 together on to add to this?

 Penny Simpson


 Government / Defra perspective

 via video (pre-recorded)

 Rebecca Pow


 Private investment through

 emerging markets

 David Hill

 Environment Bank 

 Green economy, environmental

 accounting & capital investment

 Jacquie McGlade


 Land owner perspective

 Matthew Morris

 Duchy of Cornwall 


 13.20 Lunch

 Travel to Abberton

 Site tour 4 stops on walking tour: 

 Water resources 

 Land issues – pre & post construction 


 Conservation & science 




 Young professionals’ session

 6 x students or graduates presenting

 on their studies or work within the


 Presentations to be alongside a

 poster to be displayed following the


 Tom Cameron &

 Corinne Whitby

 University of Essex 

 19.30 Dinner
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