Learning about work
We recognise that finding out what work feels like and what some of your options are is really important when making decisions about your future career.
  • Experiencing a workplace, makes the world of work easier to imagine.
  • Helps make the connection between your studies and the world of work.
  • Is an opportunity to learn new skills.
  • Helps inform your career choices.
  • Creates a network.
  • Improves your employability.


We are passionate about equal opportunities and will always encourage girls and boys to get involved as well as people from different backgrounds and with different protected characteristics.  We believe all our roles are suitable for both men and women.


We also think there are different ways to experience work, more than just spending a week shadowing someone.  We’re building a variety of meaningful experiences you can tap into, depending on which stage you are at in your education.  We will focus our time and effort on proactively organising worthwhile opportunities to experience work, rather than reacting to individual requests.


Please take a look at ‘What we can offer you’ for dates and specific details of how to get involved:


Introduction to some of the roles and people working at NWG

Reception upwards

Work on a real challenge as a project, potentially with input from someone from NWG

Reception upwards

Meet a real person using STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) skills in their career at the NWG Innovation Festival

Year 3 to Year 9

Work Awareness  - come and spend a few days with us and learn about a range of different roles, see some of our work environments and have a go at some of the activities they do

There are limited spaces so we’ll ask you to complete an application so that you can experience this too. (Unpaid)

Year 10

Regular or blocks of work experience for T-level studies.  We’ve committed to get involved in a T-level qualification trial and offer work experience for at least 45 days.  We’ll learn from the trial and find other areas of the business where we can offer similar opportunities. (Unpaid)

Young people studying T-level qualifications

1 – 2 years’ experience working at NWG whilst completing a relevant apprenticeship. (Paid)

16 years plus

We give undergraduates, usually 1st years, a few hours’ taster of the major project work we do. (Unpaid)

Undergraduates interested in engineering or the built environment

Experience work in a different way by getting involved in a Design Sprint at our Innovation Festival, working with adults and young people to come up with creative solutions to significant environmental, societal or industry problems

Typically 6th form to postgraduate students

Summer Placements.  Working with some of our key supplier partners, we offer 3 month summer placements - a month working with Northumbrian Water project managers and project engineers, a month with a contractor company and a month with one of the consultancy organisations we work with.

A great opportunity to experience different working environments. (Paid)

Undergraduates or recent graduates

Industry Placements. Working with some of our key supplier partners, we offer 9 to 12 month placements with the opportunity to work with Northumbrian Water project managers and project engineers, with a contractor company and a consultancy.

A great opportunity to experience different working environments. (Paid)

Undergraduates or recent graduates

Industry Placements.  Where we have real work that undergraduates can contribute to for 9 – 12 months we offer placements in different teams around the business. (Paid) 

Undergraduates or recent graduates

Research projects to support our ongoing programme of innovation. Research projects are typically at Masters or PhD level and involve learning about the business and practical application, as well as academic research

Masters or PhD students

Tailored employability programmes aimed at building confidence and aspirations to enable people who have never worked or have been out of work for a significant period of time to get back to work

Long term unemployed

Carving activities from different jobs to give people with more challenges than many of us, the opportunity to experience work

Individuals with a disability

Half day workshops to give teachers insight into what goes on in a water company and the range of career options at Northumbrian Water


Each year we have a number of opportunities for young people to help with the organisation of the NWG Innovation Festival – supporting the journalism and PR activities, event management and STEAM activities 

16 years plus