Residents in North Tyneside are being invited to find out more about a green scheme which will help to reduce the risk of flooding.

Northumbrian Water is working with North Tyneside Council to reduce flood risk in the Monks Wood area of North Shields, as part of the water company′s Rainwise initiative.


The initiative involves managing the amount of rainwater that enters the sewers to help take some of the pressure off the network and using sustainable drainage solutions, or ‘SuDS,′ where possible.


SuDS include solutions such as basins - landscaped areas which are seeded with wild flowers and a variety of trees and shrubs to manage rainwater naturally. They′re better for the environment and can help to create valuable wildlife habitats.


Northumbrian Water is looking at opportunities to build a series of basins off Beach Road, which would temporarily store water during heavy storms, before slowly releasing it back into the sewer network after the storm subsides.


The proposal for the Monks Wood project also includes the construction of a new sewer pipe in the verge off Beach Road, from Whitehouse Primary School to Tynemouth Swimming Pool.


Work will be carried out by Northumbrian Water′s supply partners, Esh-MWH.


Customers are invited to find out more about the project on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at Pearey House, Preston Park, North Shields, NE29 9JR between 3.00pm and 7.00pm.


Northumbrian Water′s Project Manager, Ashley Ferguson, said: "We know how devastating sewer flooding can be and we want to reduce the chances of it happening in future.


"To try and help with our efforts, we′re using sustainable drainage systems wherever we can, as they can help to slow the flow of rainwater into the sewers and reduce the pressure on the network. This then helps to reduce sewer flooding and resulting environmental pollution.


"We want the Monks Wood project to be right for everyone, so we are working with the council and encouraging residents to come along to our meeting so that they can find out more and help us to shape the final design."


Cllr Carole Burdis, North Tyneside Council′s Cabinet member for Community Safety and Engagement, said: "As a council we are committed to reducing the risk of flooding to homes and businesses in the borough.


"We are pleased to be working with our partner Northumbrian Water on this important project to protect people in the Monks Wood area and would urge anyone interested in finding out more to come along to the information event."


Customers can also follow the project on Northumbrian Water′s Community Portal at and by following the link to the Monks Wood page.


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