Undergraduate and Graduate Placements
Placements Students

Each year we offer several 12-month placements for undergraduate and graduate students, in a variety of different areas in order to ensure our customers have clean, fresh running water whilst providing great customer service, protecting the environment and supporting local communities.


Our placement scheme allows students to gain a yearlong experience from September within NWG, either during or after their university degree. During this placement students will get involved in projects specific to their chosen area, this will provide students with the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience which will contribute to their chosen career path.


During this placement we will also provide our undergraduate students with a development programme, called ‘critical skills’. This programme will include a series of internal and external workshops where topics such as mindset, networking, problem solving and communication will be covered.


Students will gain several transferable skills from this programme to assist them in their future career path.


We are currently advertising for this year’s cohort of placement students please visit the 'Careers' section of our website to see the opportunities we have available.

Adam Butler – Junior Creative Intern

What is your job title and what does your role entail?
Junior Creative.

My role entails working as part of our Corporate Communications directorate, working closely with our Creative, Marketing, External Communications and Internal Communications teams to deliver a wide range of creative material that runs across both print and digital platforms.

What is your degree in?
BA (Hons) Top Up in Design

What support did you get from your team, line manager etc?
I have received lots of support from within my team such as weekly meetings to help me with anything I may need as well as opportunities to talk about my work in wider team meetings. Everyone has been really helpful and taken an interest.

Would you recommend becoming a placement student at NW? And why?
I would recommend becoming a placement student at NW due to the amount of experience and knowledge you get not only just within water sector but the specific role of choice. I have learnt so much about my field of work that will massively help me progress in my personal and professional development.


Adam Butler.JPG

Matthew Crawford – Placement Engineer

I am currently 2 years into my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Northumbria University with the option to complete my master’s degree, currently completing my placement year. My main role is data collection as part of the Hazard Review programme, this programme allows us to understand our clean water treatment assets better. Personally, I am responsible for providing data from multiple sources. I have also worked on projects at Horsley and the new Springwell Enhancement Scheme to construct a new water storage reservoir.


As I sit within the engineering team, I am in constant contact with engineers who have a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. My line manager Sian Rudall is one of three Principle Engineers at Northumbrian water. Sian has actively encouraged me to pursue areas of my own interest whether that be encouraging me to explore dissertation options with Northumbrian water or getting me involved with other projects more closely linked to my academic background.


Although I have quite a specific role within the engineering department, I have had exposure to the range of work here, whether it be engineering, water quality, commercial, advertising or the maintenance and operations team we work so closely with on many programmes.


From the first day of my placement here I have had every opportunity to explore my interests and have felt a real sense of investment in my personal and professional development. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone I have worked with so far and I cannot recommend the company and its placement opportunities more highly.


Matthew Crawford.jpg

Emma Doo - People Strategy and Experience Graduate

I’m a People Strategy and Experience Graduate, working in the People Team. I have a BSc in Psychology and worked as a Primary School teacher before making a career change and completing my master’s in occupational and Organisational Psychology in 2020/21.


I am primarily focused on health and wellbeing initiatives to support colleagues across NWG, this includes updating and adding to the Living Well website, raising awareness of health conditions by linking with national campaigns and supporting our Mind Mates network. My role also involves working across the People Team, supporting on projects and initiatives within diversity & inclusion, recruitment, and training.


I feel incredibly lucky to be working in this graduate role as it mirrors my masters course, giving me practical experience in a range of areas within the People Team. My line manager is also an Occupational Psychologist, so she always makes sure to link my learning and work experience to occupational psychology, keeping it relevant for my future career path. I was given responsibility early on and kept busy on lots of different projects but everyone I’ve worked with has been really supportive and understanding when I’ve asked questions or requested help with issues I’m unsure of.


I would recommend joining NW on a placement or graduate role, you’re treated as member of the team from day one and really feel like you’re valued and respected. The support network is vast and people are happy to take the time to help in any way they can.


Emma Doo.jpg

Maryam Haleem - Technical Policy Advisor Placement Student

My role entails supporting the Wastewater Strategic Planning Team with their 2022 business plan projects, helping develop the Service Delivery Strategies, and some other miscellaneous tasks. I am currently helping develop the Bathing Water Quality Service Delivery Strategy and helping with the Water Industry National Environment Plan Planning project. My degree is BEng Chemical Engineering.


When I joined the team, I received an induction plan which helped me ease into the team, gave me chance to work with everyone, and learn how the water industry works. This was much appreciated as it is challenging learning how the water industry works especially how it is regulated. I also have bi-weekly catchups with my manager, so we can discuss my workload and what I am currently working on. I also have a work buddy in my team who I reach out if I need anything.


I would definitely recommend joining NWL for your placement as you get a great opportunity to not only learn more about the water industry from people who have been in the industry for over 20 years, but also learn additional skills, such as creating maps using GIS, which will be useful further on in your career. You could also get an opportunity to tailor your placement to work on areas you are interested in. Since my team covers a number of different topics, I could let my manager know if there was an area that I would like to get more involved in if I had an interest or wanted to learn more about that subject.


Maryam Haleem.jpg

Laura Harvey – Run2 Academy Placement Student

I am currently on the Run2 Academy Placement and studying Civil Engineering at Newcastle University. My placement year includes, spending four months with the project management team at NWG, four months with the design team and four months with the site team.


I would highly recommend becoming a placement student at NWG, as I have had the opportunity to work on real life projects from a client and consultant perspective. I have attended various sites and reservoirs. This placement has helped me consolidate my knowledge from university and put into practice, my placement has been really enjoyable and knowledgeable experience.


I have had a lot of support within my placement, including fortnightly meetings with both my supervisors. Throughout my placement I have had at least one team meeting a week and individual meetings with my mentor. I have also had catch ups and training with the early careers team alongside the other placement students.


Laura Harvey.jpg