We strongly believe apprenticeships are a great entry route into a career and organisation.

NWG has many employees who have entered our business via an apprenticeship route, who are doing fantastic work for us years later.


Our apprenticeship scheme offers individuals the opportunity to kick start their career while gaining both hands on experience and a formal qualification with a training provider while earning a competitive salary.

We equip all our apprentices with a development programme during their apprenticeship, this programme includes a series of internal and external workshops where topics such as teamwork and communication are covered.


This programme will allow our apprentices to gain several transferable skills from this programme to assist them in their future career path with NWL.


We offer a variety of apprenticeships in many different areas. These areas include – 

  • Water
  • Wastewater Operations
  • NEW - Digital
  • Asset and Assurance
  • Commercial
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Services


Our apprentice cohorts start each September, we will advertise all our apprenticeship opportunities via our 'Careers' section of our website.

Meet our current apprentices
Abby Brazell - Apprentice Income Strategy Support Analyst

As an Apprentice Income Strategy Support Analyst my responsibilities include collaborating with cross-functional teams, researching industry trends, contributing to process improvement, maintaining documentation, and supporting the delivery of reports and dashboards. To do this I utilise tools like SQL (Structured Query Language), Using SQL I create informative reports by accessing and manipulating data from our data warehouse. This enables us to effectively address specific business cases. However, my role also extends beyond report generation. In addition to SQL, I gather and analyse data from various sources, ensuring its cleanliness and uniformity for further analysis. I employ tools like Excel, Power BI, and other data visualization software to present insights in a visually appealing manner.


At the end of my apprenticeship, I will finish with a Data Analytics Level 4 with Power BI qualification.

As an apprentice, you'll have the amazing opportunity to learn, earn a recognized qualification, and receive a paycheck by having a full-time job all at the same time. What sets Northumbrian Water apart is their strong emphasis on getting you to be involved in different departments and learn as much as you can. They actively encourage apprentices to explore various roles and immerse themselves in diverse areas of the business. This hands-on experience not only helps you expand your skills but also opens doors to exciting career prospects.


You'll be surrounded by a supportive and welcoming community that recognizes your dual role as a learner and a valuable employee. In summary, undertaking an apprenticeship at Northumbrian Water offers a unique opportunity to learn, earn a qualification, and receive an income through a full-time job. With diverse growth opportunities and a supportive work environment, it's a chance to embark on an incredible journey of professional and personal development. I wholeheartedly recommend seizing this fantastic opportunity and all of the other opportunities that will present themselves to you that are there for you if you take them!

Callum Barrett - Electrical Maintenance Apprentice

Since joining in 2021, my role at Essex & Suffolk Water is a Maintenance and Craft Technician Apprentice (Electrical). This involves maintaining plant/equipment across ESW sites at a high standard to meet the satisfaction of internal stakeholders.


Aside from my on-the-job training, I was enrolled onto a Level 3 BTEC extended diploma in Maintenance and Operations Engineering. With this qualification coming to an end, I have been presented with the opportunity to continue my further studies and complete a HNC Level 4 in Electrical Engineering at University Centre Colchester.


I would encourage everyone looking for an exciting opportunity to consider working at Essex & Suffolk Water as it provides you with an amazing foundation to set your career in motion.

Emma Almond - Quality Analyst Apprentice

My job role as a Quality Analyst Apprentice involves delivering unrivalled customer experience through improving the quality framework and analyzing advisors on their written and verbal communication with our customers.

By identifying both exceptional service and service below expectations, feedback and coaching can be provided by team managers so there is performance improvement and customers are receiving the benefits. Calibration sessions and levelling sessions are also done as a way of getting managers feedback and ensuring the quality scoring is all done with the same intentions.

What is your apprenticeship qualification?

I am currently completing my Business Admin level 3 apprenticeship


Would you recommend becoming an apprentice at NWL? And why?

I would definitely recommend becoming an apprentice at NWL. It’s a brilliant way to gain experience in not only the role you do but to see other areas. Although my role is in the customer directorate in my first few month of working here, I’ve visited wastewater treatment sites, spent time with our IS team, joined one of our forums and even had a go at valving!

The team at NWG are very supportive in helping you reach your full potential. One example of this would be the training you get alongside a mentor and access to an online platform for and additional training you want to learn. My role allows me to have flexibility from office to home working, this has improved my organisation and time management skills.

Emily McAuliffe - Events Admin Apprentice

I am the Team and Events Admin Apprentice, this means that I help support the Corporate Affairs directorate with any admin work, such as updating spreadsheets, collating data, etc. as well as helping organise and run different events such as our Roadshows and stakeholder visits etc.

This has been an amazing opportunity to put my degree into practice through gaining hands on experience in real business, as I have had lots of opportunities to get involved in many aspects of the business. I help to organise and run different events internally, such as our internal awards, as well as external, such as our stakeholder visits for MPs. I work using budgets when planning and executing events, ensuring they do not go over budget and we do not have any surprise costs. There are so many components that make up my day, it keeps everyday fresh and engaging. At the end of my apprenticeship, I will receive a qualification in Level 3 Business Administration.

Although I may already have a degree, this apprenticeship has been really beneficial for me, helping to put into practice the theory learnt in my degree, as well as helping to support the coursework through my apprenticeship and getting a new perspective on my learnings.

I would recommend becoming an apprentice at Northumbrian Water because of all the opportunities there is to learn about the business, with the amazing support I have received from my team, mentor and across the wider business, it has helped to boost my confidence in my abilities and show me what I am capable of, allowing me to broaden my knowledge on the wider business.