Northumbrian Water Group

Winner of the Queen’s
Award for Enterprise

in the category of
sustainable development

We are proud to provide a sustainable, affordable, clean and safe water supply and to manage and treat the waste water returned to us in a way that protects the environment.

Our corporate responsibility

Our vision is to be the national leader in the provision of sustainable water and waste water services.

In previous years we reported on corporate responsibility as a separate report. From 2011, in line with our vision and values, and reflecting the importance of sustainability to our business and how deeply it is embedded, we believe we should report sustainability issues alongside our core business activities. We have done this throughout our annual report with the sustainability text highlighted as green.

As our sustainability activity is so extensive, it is not possible to include everything in the annual report so, in order to provide more detailed information, the key sustainability issues are reported in more depth in the sustainability highlights document below.

This document contains more comprehensive information on our responsible business practice, policies, plans, key performance indicators, performance trend data and case studies. This document is intended to be used as an online reporting tool and contains our most current sustainability information – please click on the links to find the detail you require.

Document PDF
Northumbrian Water Group plc Sustainability highlights 2011
Northumbrian Water Group plc Sustainability case studies 2011
Northumbrian Water Group plc Annual report and financial statements 2011
Our vision. Our values. Our way.

NWL currently hold the Queen’s Award for Enterprise; Sustainable Development.

The citation reads:

Northumbrian Water Ltd receives The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its ongoing and impressive commitment to sustainability.

It has actively striven to promote best practice within its sector and is committed to ongoing review and continuous improvement.

With a commendable and ever improving environmental performance in place, it is, however, Northumbrian's extremely impressive social and economic initiatives which elevate it to the status of sector leaders.

A diverse suite of programmes have been implemented, encompassing local procurement, strong apprenticeship programmes, individual up skilling and the continuous leverage of their spending power, employment and wider economic presence to ensure maximum benefit for local communities.

Northumbrian's driving commitment to sustainability governance provides
an example and benchmark across sectors, demonstrating that strong
leadership and ambition can make a tangible difference to communities
both local and more widely.

Group Tax Strategy

Northumbrian Water Group Limited belongs to a group for which the ultimate parent is CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (CKHH), a company listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Subsidiaries of the CKHH Group that operate in the UK, including those listed below, are required to ensure their Tax Strategy is available to the public free of charge on the internet. All the companies listed below follow the CKHH Group Tax Strategy which can be found on the website of CKHH via this link :

• Northumbrian Water Group Limited (NWG) and its subsidiaries
• Northumbrian Services Limited (NSL) and its subsidiaries
• UK Water (2011) Limited (UKW)
• CKI UK Co 6 Limited (CKI 6)
• CKI UK Co 5 Limited (CKI 5)
Note : CKI 6 and CKI 5 are shareholders in NWG, NSL and UKW

The publication by CKHH of its Group Tax Strategy is considered as complying with the requirements of Paragraph 19 of Schedule 19 to Finance Act 2016 for the CKHH Group’s UK subsidiaries for the financial year ending 31 December 2018.

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